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The best way to secretly confess your emotions

Hey buddies, do you have the urge to express your emotions in a secretive and secure way? If yes, try out the private note services. This is a digital platform that allows you to articulate your feelings to share with a target audience. Most people get confused and scared to express their emotions to a person directly. This is basically due to the fear of adverse reactions. This is common and is okay. Bottling up the feelings is not okay; buried feelings can come out in ugly ways. First, let you understand how the online service provider works. 

Why is this service in place?

The private message sharing service does not request you to subscribe to their website, nor does it requires you to create a username and password.

Yes, you read it correctly. All you need is the link to the site to write down the message and create a link. The created link must be sent to the target audience, which could be one or many. You can send the copied URL via email or any social messaging application. In short, utilize a creative way to post your feelings to the right audience secretly.

The best feature of the aids provider is that the shared information will vanish after it has been read. Yes, you could customize the options for disappearing the sent data; immediately after it opened, after 1 hour, one day, one week, or 30 days. 

  • Secret password
  • Anonymity
  • Secret plans
  • Notifications
  • Flexibility

Secret password:

It is not uncommon for some of us to leave the mobile screen unlocked. It means there is a high possibility that a child or anyone can read the confidential data. To avoid this obstacle, the service provider has enabled a manual password feature which allows access to the information only if the recipient has the secret code sent by the sender. Isn’t it amazing to have privacy?


Do you know why they call a friend in need a friend? Well, in this regard, if your pal loves your best friend, you could share the message link created by your pal to your best friend and tell them someone has a confession to make. Whoa, how does this sound? 

What about you having a bully at school who kills away your peace of mind? Do not worry; use the web service to express your anger and let them know how they would end up if they mess with you again. You could use the help of a fake social account or a mutual friend to send the encrypted message. 

Secret plans:

All close friends surprise their buddies through a surprise birthday party. The birthday person may be like the rest of the friends in every social group. It gets messy and fishy if that birthday boy is removed from the social community, even for a temporary period. They would easily detect that something was cooking. The private web service feature allows you to construct an excellent and detailed plan and share it among your friends irrespective of the word count. However, you need to customize the duration of the self-destruct message feature to one day or week. 


It is tough to sit waiting for someone’s reply, especially when you don’t know if the receiver has opened the text or not. Most social media accounts do not have a pop-up facility that will inform you about the read text. 

But the online private information sharing site has a feature that lets you get notified when the sent data is read. This way, you can get yourself free from anxiety and unnecessary worry. You could add a reference text to receive the notification through an email ID. 


How would you feel if your crush reciprocates your feelings through the internet? Women are scared to confess their feelings, just like all humans, because of the fear of rejection. If a third person is involved in sharing the links between the love birds, things can get messy if he reads the messages. The secret code secures the digitally expressed feelings from curious beings. This way, you could break the ice between potential lovers in the initial stages of the relationship. Also, the site is flexible; it can be accessed on a laptop or any other smart device. 

Does it have a risk?

As every asset has some drawbacks, the web aids provider also has one drawback: you cannot know if the read message is screen captured or copied into a clipboard. As mentioned earlier, a notification about the opened text is sent to the email address. Still, the activities such as copying the words into a document or screenshot of the message are not notified to the sender. This means the receiver can misuse the data or act against you. However, you could be saved if you justify that you have forwarded a link and nothing more. 

Is there an eligibility criterion to avail of the services?

No, there are no standard rules to enter the website. A good internet connection and an intelligent device are enough to access the site and articulate messages. However, it is best if you could use parental controls if you have young kids who could misuse the service.

What kind of data can be shared?

The digital platform allows you to send and receive text format messages. It also allows sharing of website links. You could use the blank box to write a long text or add an article for the reader. Also, there is no restriction on writing adult content, so if you have any weird adult fantasies, visit the site and create the link for your potential partner. 

Is there a third party involved?

No, there is no intermediary between the sender and receiver. This indicates that your vulnerable side is safe with the site. 

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that you could use the services of the private note platform. However, you must be cautious with the choice of people whom you share the information with. Wrong people can turn life upside down. On the contrary, having secret conversations with friends and family is fun. 

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