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Operating System Process- Software Mechanism

There are certain things that keep getting better and better with age with technology being one that tops the list above all, which is why an updated version of a new Windows system is better than the previous one.

An Iphone 7 is better than Iphone 6 and similarly another will take 7s place in the future. Windows 10 is better than Windows 7 and so on but the change in technology is due to the change of public taste with change of times.

No one wants to use the same device again and again especially when the matter pertains to electronic gadgets but there is one thing that is common in all electronic devices that is the topic of discussion for today that we’re going to discuss about without further ado.

Open Platform Communications

Have you ever wondered your desktop PC or laptop functions? Only a software expert or a person with an insatiable thirst to learn new things would know about it and the same.

Every device be it hardware or software has one thing in common that is the operating system that manages essential resources and provides relevant services for the computer programs available so that people can work on important subjects.

The software industry is in its booming phase that has led to big tycoons rolling in millions since many decades but one can go on about it and pen down many pieces of writing for this particular topic alone because that’s how varied and layered it.

Open Platform Communications, known by its acronym OPC, is an essential part of the topic as it bridges the gap between software applications that come under Windows and control hardware processing thereby ensuing smooth flow of data because extracting field resources from devises isn’t an easy task.

There is a fixed method for OPC servers for providing software packages of varied hues as long as it is an OPC client because if you’re one of them you would know how things function in this matter.

It is through these servers that you can access data from other control devices like Distributed Control System (DCS) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) because data has to be extracted from other devices on a regular basis that requires custom interface to do so.

There are certain procedures through which OPC servers have to be handled but it is best left at the hands of experts that are proficient in this regard and know the difference between the internal processor of a processing unit to that of a valley monument temperature.


OPC is has many layers to its name as mentioned above and one can go on about a complex topic because OPC clients have a huge task at hand in studying the various aspects of servers.

An OPC server is written for one device at a time but it can also be reused by other applications that fall under the category of an OPC client like for example OLE technology of Microsoft that helps gain access to clients where relevant info is exchanged between hardware and software applications 

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