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How To Apply Fake Lashes Safely

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Many celebrities, models and just about any woman beautifying their face for a special occasion use the false eyelashes to enhance their eyes. False eyelashes give dark, thick and long eyelashes and many women fear wearing them because they lack the technique of putting them in place.

Here are simple steps that one can use in putting fake eyelashes.

The first step involves the selection of the desired color and length of the eyelashes, the most vital point in choosing the eyelash is to stick with the color that matches the shades of one’s lashes. The fake eyelashes are then tested for curvature by curving them around the eye lid, this is important in determining the required length of the fake eyelashes. Regular testing for length and trimming before application of adhesive is important as it will prevent discomfort caused by excessively long and eyelashes that go past the eye lid.

The second step in application of fake eyelashes is the addition of an adhesive; many models advise people to use dark lash glue as it gives a perfect unnoticeable finish. Before application of fake eyelashes to the eyelash line, the adhesive should not be put on the person’s eye lid, but rather on the fake, eyelashes itself.

The third step in applying fake eyelashes is to look in the mirror and put the eyelashes at the inside corner of the eye while holding and pressing them close to the eyelash line as much as possible. Tweezers can aid if the fingers are too big for the job, care is required as the tweezers can poke the eye.

After the application of fake eyelashes, they are allowed to dry and they normally take a minute or two. An eyelash curler is then required to curl gently the new false eyelashes in the required direction along with the natural eyelashes.

The last step after the eyelashes are in place is to apply liquid eyeliner over both the eye line the procedure is important as it keeps uniformity of the eye line. the In the last step, mascara is not necessary as the eyeliner can do the work nicely.

Removal of fake eyelashes involves five steps, the requirements include cotton ball, wash cloth, oil based makeup remover, olive oil and tweezers. Use tweezers to pull out the fake eyelashes away from the natural lashes, on the event that the glue has not loosened enough go to the next step. The fourth step is to peel off the fake eyelashes using tweezers and care should be taken to avoid pulling natural lashes.

Wearing of fake eyelashes for day-to-day activities or for special occasions is vital for many women as beauty gives them a feeling of motivation and dignity. Because they have to stand for photographs from their fans, many celebrities wear the fake eyelashes. The photos have to have a lasting impression hence, beauty is the first priority and false eyelashes do the trick.

False eyelashes give dark, thick and long eyelashes and many women fear wearing them because they lack the technique of putting them in place.

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