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How To End a Relationship Without Hurting Feelings?

The excitement and happiness of a new relationship are inevitably incredible. Everything seems exciting, and you always want to meet your GF or BF. This is because it feels fantastic whenever you think about them.

But, there is nothing that stays forever. Things change, people changes, and the situation changes. With all these things, couple of changes as well. The person needs to be supportive and concerned when their partner changes with their life experiences and situations.

But, as per the proextender review, if things are drifting apart and you are thinking about the breakup, do it without hurting their feelings. Do not forget that you have shared a great bond. The simple ways to break up without hurting are mentioned below –

  • Take time to speak

You know what your partner will speak after hearing the breakup news as a girlfriend or boyfriend. They might be sad, mad, hurt, or even relieved. If you cannot make the opinion, you can ask others’ points of view that help you be sensitive.

Preparing yourself prior is a better option. This helps you know what an answer you should give to your partner to support your views. For example, if you know that your partner might lose their temper, you should know how to react at that particular time to balance the situation.

  • Be Honest

When breaking up with your partner, be honest rather than being brutal. To embark on, you can start the conversation by telling him or her why you get attracted to words. But, remember, honesty does not mean being harsh.

Do not start with the things and explain the qualities causing the hurdle in the relationship. Instead, spare some time and think about the gentle statements for being honest with the person that won’t hurt him/her.

  • Say it in person

Do not forget that you both have shared an incredible bond, so respect that. Showing the partner’s good qualities at the time of breaking up in person will be beneficial and won’t hurt him/her a lot.

Rather than texting on Facebook, that seems easy to meet in person. Take some time and share your thinking with your friend, which helps you make a fair judgment. This will make your thinking broad.

  • Have good intentions

First of all, think about the qualities you want to show to the person: honesty, kindness, respect, sensitivity, and caring. Showing good character towards the partner means you have good intentions by breaking up. Next, mention the fear of why you don’t want to be with him/her in the future.

But do not forget to mention that they matter a lot to you, but there is a specific thing due to which the ending needs to be done for the better life ahead. So try to make them understand your feelings without getting rude.

Final Verdict

Breaking up is not easy, but it’s an opportunity to learn. It’s the chance to show respect to another person’s feelings. So, try to manage things properly while breaking up with a person.

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