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Crucial Rules Of Dating That Every Man Should Know

Dating is an art. You have to analyse the person before going all out into being yourself. You may have heard the fact that “opposite attracts”. Now, if you start being completely yourself without thinking about whether or not the other person likes you then how will you make it work in the long term. Read this article to find out how to make a girl want you?

Have you ever been on a date that didn’t go out very well, although you did all the right things and nothing went wrong? Well, there are a few rules of dating that you must know. These rules are like the common sense of the dating world. So, read them, remember them, and never forget them.

Discreet Rules Of Dating You Must Know

Below you will find some of the most important facts about dating that you must remember so you can have the perfect date with your partner.

  • If you have planned a date around a crowdy area, to enjoy the streets or such, then wear something simple, do not overdress. In the other case, if your date is at a romantic porch restaurant, you must wear something really good, so you can level with your girl.
  • Giving space is important. You should maintain enough distance to not make the person uncomfortable on the first date.
  • Don’t think of drinking from the same glass or grabbing a bite of your partner’s food. Many people don’t like that. Cute girls have the right to do that and it won’t matter, but as a boy, you cannot do it without consent!
  • As a man, you never offer to split the bill, you must be the one paying, and later if the girl insists you can split the bill for sure. It is not about feminism, it’s because girls like men who have the power and resources.
  • It is important to be gentle and you should never act rudely with the waiter or the cab drivers. How you conversate with strangers will say a lot about your character
  • You have to keep the conversation interesting. What you talk about does not matter, as long as you can keep the girl engaged with your words. You can talk about friends, family, your ex, interests, profession, etc.
  • Don’t force anything to happen, as much as you would like something to happen, you must resist. The right thing will happen on its own without you having to force it.

These are some of the discreet rules of dating that every gentleman should remember. Breaching any of the above-mentioned rules can lead your date to its end very soon.


As mentioned above, dating is an art. You can never be the same or act the same as every person. You have to have the skill to judge people better when you meet them without showing it. It will not only help you with dating but also help you in the real life.

Understanding your audience always helps, and if you know what a person is like and what she wants, then you won’t have any trouble engaging or connecting with that person.

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