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Luxury handbags – choose 3 essential bags for your fashion wardrobe

Stylish, branded purses and luxury party handbags are essential in a woman’s life. There is no way, even the most basic and practical women need a branded, designer handbag to carry their belongings. Unlike men who can only go out with a wallet and cell phone, women always have makeup, medicine, a perfume, and many useful and practical objects to carry that accompany them.

Moreover, often each event asks for a different bag. We have a bag for work, another for travel, for parties, casual dating, dine out, etc. In other words, each woman has at least three different bag models. When we start to consider colors, materials and sizes our wish list triples. With that in mind, we have separated three different models of branded, designer handbags for you. Read this article and find more info.

Structured hand bags for women, meaningful and stylish

They are those with different models, but always rigid, with pockets, more than one strap and buckles. They match different situations and events, are great to work with and match almost any type of look. They are great for walking and taking only the essentials. They fit more and gain in practicality. Great for women who spend all day active, who need to take many objects. Besides being a great help, there are several beautiful and creative models, with different prints, from super casual pieces to pieces made in leather, simple and modern.

If you are one of those who like to dress casual and do many busy activities, then the essential thing for you is a structures bag, a bag that you can cross and forget about the rest. With regard to the color, it should also be in the basic color, depending on which one you use the most – black, white, red, brown or gray. Large, comfortable and easy to adapt to most of our more casual looks, this type of bag will be the best option for our street looks.

Clutch fashion handbags for women, classy and elegant

That perfect bag for formal occasions, parties or even an everyday event to sophisticate your look. Of smaller dimensions, it is important to select the essentials to carry in this type of bag – mobile, wallet, keys and lipstick. Clutches for the day like this multicolored model will bring a lot of glamour and elegance to the look. In evening events or higher etiquette, we must always have an elegant and sophisticated clutch with which we will be able to add that luxurious and feminine touch to the set.

A black model with gold details and shiny appliqués is a great option. A classic style clutch handbag in black is an essential basic. It is functional, suitable for all looks and very easy to combine. The perfect bag does not go out of style and one of our greatest allies for the day-to-day. It will be your essential if you go out a lot at night or at events. Bet on clutches at night and forget about the skin. For the summer bet on clarity and luminosity and with the bag in white or beige you will achieve it.

Cross body handbags for women, branded and modern

Having our hands free at an event will allow us to enjoy the occasion largely, so choosing a stylish and small-format cross body bag allows us to enjoy wherever we go. It is important to have fun with fashion so complementing our look with a full color cross body handbag will create an original, sophisticated and very chic outfit. You can also buy a dual-tone texture cross body party bag. Choose metallic, with rhinestones, pearl or satin. There is infinity.

A fun, cheerful and comfortable bag allows us to go shopping on Saturday morning or take a fun walk on Sunday is also a complement that we must have in our looks. Trust in a comfortable and elegant bag to enjoy the perfect weekend. Besides black, brown is also a basic color that goes with almost everything. Bet on the shade that best matches your clothing wardrobe background. It is preferable that it is also made of leather and that you can cross it over your shoulder. Regarding size, the ideal is the one that best suits your body type. You will never fail in your look with an all-terrain bag with which you will feel comfortable.


When we talk about the wardrobe, we refer to the essential and basic garments in the wardrobe, such as a black dress or jeans. However, this time we brought you the essential bags in your wardrobe. Handbags are one of the fashion accessories, along with shoes and jewelry, preferred by women. In the perfect background of a woman’s wardrobe, there must be those THREE essential luxury, designer handbags to create unique looks. These are basic bags, in which you can afford to spend a little more, because you will use them season after season without going out of style.

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