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Eyebrow Hair Loss

Are you suffering from eyebrow hair loss? You don’t have to worry. There are more than 2 million out there who have the same problem as yours. However, your concern is something that should not be ignored either. After all, without them, there would be nothing to prevent the sweat from dripping directly into your eyes. Eyebrows are also one of the main highlights of your face. It’s going to be incomplete when you don’t have them.

What are the common causes of slow eyebrow regrowth?

A lot of people believe that eyebrow hair loss is just caused by over plucking. Depending on how you waxed or shaved your eyebrows—from the root to tip—it will take a while before they grow back. Though it’s one, it’s never the “be all, end all” in the story. There are still a lot of them, but we are going to talk about only two of them. First we have alopecia. This is a medical condition where the immune system considers your hair follicles as bacteria. Since the body has an autoimmune mechanism, it tends to block the development of follicles, where the hair grows, even on the eyebrows.

In the end, it’s very hard for you to grow or even develop your eyebrow hairs. You may also lose your eyebrows because of too much stress. Hormones are one of the major contributors for the development of body hair, and when you are too exhausted, you jut happen to disturb the normal hormonal levels in your body. It’s also one of the reasons why there are men and women who develop more hairs than others.

How fast do eyebrows grow back?

The answer thicker eyebrow to this will have to depend on the cause of your lost eyebrows. If it’s just because of shaving or plucking, you may expect the hairs to grow within two weeks’ time. If you’re suffering from alopecia, it’s going to be very long, and you may have to consider seeking medical help for that. On the other hand, if the hair loss is caused by stress or medications, once you can already settle them, you can now look forward to having your eyebrows back.

How to make eyebrows grow back?

Here are some of the simple ways on how you can have your eyebrows back:

You can make use of olive and castor oil. They seem to contain special properties that encourage the hair to grow back a lot faster than the normal time frame. All you need to do is to massage them into your eyebrow lines every day. Increase your vitamin intake. There are also multivitamins that can foster the growth of hair in the body by keeping your hormones on their normal level. You can try taking in vitamin E capsule at least once every morning.

Is there a product for eyebrow growth?

Yes, there is, and one of the best in the market when it comes to growing back eyebrows is called Revita Brow. This one is already medically tested, so you know that it works. It’s also technological since it doesn’t only promote growth of eyebrow hairs, but it also prevents eyebrow hair loss by making each strand very strong.

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