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How Can A Cat Tree Imitate Their Natural Environment?

When you tell people you love animals, more often than not people tend to question if you are a cat person or a dog person. If you are a cat person, you would know how much it means to you to make the life of your cute little feline as comfortable as possible. Despite buying many toys and making all the food they love; does your cat still feel not comfy enough? A cat tree is what you are missing.

Why a cat tree?

For every cat mom or dad, keeping their child joyful, healthy, and amused is of the utmost importance. There are several toys available in the market to impress your cats with. but what can be more perfect than their natural environment? A five tier cat tree is the answer to a happy cat.  A cat or scientifically known as Felis catus is not predominantly domestic. They are domesticated animals, who were once living in the wild. So, you would understand how they never forget their roots. Your furry friend may be missing its natural habitat. So, the best way to keep that from happening is to buy them a five tier cat tree. If you cannot bring the cat to the jungle, bring the jungle to the cat.

How it helps cats (and you!)?

  • Claws

All animals have sharp talons and cats are no different. You might have noticed your cat sharpening its claws on your expensive furniture, scratching it. You may have even scolded them for doing so too. But you need to understand that it is the inherent character of the cat genus. They always keep their claws sharp as a means of defence. So, if you do not want any more tears on your couch or scratches on your wooden furniture, get your pet a cat tree soon.

  • Freedom

As a cat parent you would know that, unlike other animals, cats are not clingy or overly dependent. Cats like to have their own space and freedom. It is a great idea to get them a cat tree so that they can play, climb, and sit on the tiers as and when they like. They will have so much fun on a cat tree than with other toys.

  • Exploration

Cats loves to wander everywhere and explore things. A cat tree is an efficient way to ensure your cat has lots of fun and an area to explore. They can climb to the top or jump from heights in a world of their own.

  • Growth

Have you noticed domesticated animals grow more and more dependent on their human? This is because in a domestic house they do not have to hunt or struggle to survive. There are practically no predators of competition for food. This can lead to retardation to their natural growth and intellect. A cat tree can help your cat reconnect with its natural habits of jumping and climbing tall trees. This will help in the growth of the pet, both mental and physical.

  • Exercise

In a house, there may not be enough place to run around without hindrances. The room would have furniture and stuff. A cat tree enables the cat to move around a great deal and provide a good source of exercise for them. It keeps them active and busy.

A cat tree can be bought online from several stores available. Many different types of trees are available to suit your cat. The trees can be of different materials and colours to generate interest in your cat. It comes in various sizes and tiers too to customize according to the customer’s needs.

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