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Best Healthy Dog Biscuits Rated Nutritional Dog Food For Small Dog

These days, pet owners are indeed concerned with regards to best dog biscuits and dog treats that they are to feed their loving friend or companion. There could be numbers of options to choose from in the market today, however, there are only few dog biscuits that are of high quality. There is a need for you to look for a healthy biscuit for your dogs as a reward.

In addition, it might require a lot of research once deciding which dog treat you are to feed your dog. You must first look at the list of the ingredients. You must be aware that the healthiest dog biscuit should have protein listed as the very first ingredient. And this is due to the fact that quality protein would ensure that your dog would have a shiny, allergy free skin and a healthy coat as well.

What is a dog biscuit?

Well, a dog biscuit is known as a hard biscuit-based dietary supplement for dogs or for other canines as well the same to snack food of humans. This biscuit for dogs is intended to be dry and hard or might be sold in flat bone shape. There are as well some other manufacturers that would claim that hard and dry biscuit texture will help clean the teeth of the dog, therefore, promoting oral health.

Along with that, you must also be aware whether how many treats or biscuits you are to give your dogs. Well, there is a need for dog owners to consider the idea of the 10% rule. One of the most important thing that many pet owners forget to get done are vaccines. There are many stores from where you can get the Affordable pet vaccine for your pets. So get the vaccination done because ignoring this can result in the formation of various diseases in your pets in later future.

What is this 10% rule?

Biscuits, snacks or treats must only make up 10% of the daily calories of the dogs. You might ask your vet whether how many treats you could give to your dog. They might make a recommendation with regards to what treats your dogs might like or based on the weight and level of being active as well.

However, since dogs definitely love treats and also dog owners would love giving them these dog treats too. It is indeed a way to bond with the pet as well. Be guided that you give them at least one at a time.

Try Fruit and Veggies

You could consider skipping the store-bought snacks or biscuits that are indeed high in sugar, fat and preservatives instead try to offer your dog with some vegetables. Dogs are open to almost all foods and so vegetables could be of great snack option for the dogs.

Aside from vegetables, try giving them fruits too. Berries, banana slices, apple slices and watermelon are great options. Some other snacks that could work as dog treats that are low in calorie are air popped popcorn having no butter or salt and plain rice cakes that are broken to small pieces.

Indeed, in choosing the best treats for your dogs, picking the one that is delightful and healthy must always be considered. There are many best dog biscuits out there that your dogs might enjoy as of great treat.

Homemade Dog Biscuits vs. Store Bought Dog Biscuits

Increasing numbers of dog biscuits are sold in the market today but along with that, there are as well numbers of individuals that would consider baking biscuits for their dogs than buying from stores in the market.

If you are a dog owner, it would be your choice whether you are to consider homemade or store-bought biscuits for dogs so long as it will delight your dogs and it would also offer health benefits. You must definitely avoid those dog foods that are to cause any harm to your dogs.

Top Best Dog Biscuits to Choose From Store

Now, you will be provided with top options of dog biscuits that you could give to your dog as healthy and delightful treats. Always bear in mind that choosing the one that would indeed match the needs and taste of your dog. Consider wide options below.

Dog biscuits that are included in this list are those biscuits that are sold in wide numbers of stores in the market. Though there are wide numbers of options to choose from, some of the dog food best-rated options are the following:

Canidae Snap Biscuits

These are large biscuits that are indeed four smaller treats that could be broken apart for those smaller dogs and for large breeds they are given in whole. Or you could consider this as the best-rated dog food for small dogs.

It is good natural dog food and treats that are made with human-grade chicken and turkey and whole grains being combined with peppermint for fresh breath. These biscuits are naturally preserved and wouldn’t contain wheat, corn, soy, fillers, and by-products.

On the other hand, there could be a disadvantage of giving too much of these biscuits to your dog, especially to those smaller ones. The consumption of Canidae Snap Biscuits might only be based on the need of the dogs.

Old Mother Hubbard Biscuits

This one is a typical style dog biscuit along with healthier profile and could be found in numbers of chain pet stores. These dog treats are being made by the same company which produces Wellness known as a high-quality dog food.

The said company is into using turmeric as added color rather than of artificial coloring. You might consider dog food brand comparison chart to know more about this brand.

Though considered to have healthy compound used in Old Mother Hubbard Biscuits still there is a need to be cautious about giving the proper amount to your dog. You might as well be aware of some added ingredients that could harm the health of the dogs.

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