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Best Exercise Lose Lower Belly Fat – Know about the exercises 

The lower abdominal area is generally the biggest problem spot. Belly fat tends to collect more on the lower abdominal. If you have abdominal fat it has to do with your lifestyle and what are you eating every day. Genetics also plays a factor. It is perfectly natural to have some belly fat on the lower belly. It is natural to have some belly fat, we all have it but in different percent. There is no one on this earth with zero percent body fat.

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With exercises that we suggest this time you can achieve a great result for a very short time. If you are consistent and you do them every day.

Best exercise lose lower belly fat tips:

Lie on your back and extend your arms besides the body. Bend your knees. Hips and knees should be at an angle of 90 degrees. Slowly squeeze your abdominal muscles and simultaneously lift your hips five to ten centimeters from the floor. The upper part of the body and hands should be relaxed. Stay in this position for a while and get down to the original position.

Second best exercise lose lower belly fat is this one. Lie on the floor. Elbows are bent with hands under the head. Knees are also bent with feet on the floor. Raise your upper body up and hold a few second until you feel your abdominal muscles. When you return, never go all the way down to the floor. While we are lying we are breathing and when we lift the upper part we exhale. The neck should be aligned with the spine.

Third best exercise lose lower belly fat: Take a sitting position. Knees are bent. With the hand that is stretched out, we are trying to touch the foot of the same leg. The upper body is separated from the floor during the initial and final point of the exercise. Do the movements only with your upper body. When the body is straight we inhale, and when you move your hand towards your feet – exhale.

If you want some results you should do all these exercises regularly. Best would be to do them every day or every other day. Try to reduce your calories intake.

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