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An Overview On Livestock Farming And What Equipment Do You Need To Start A Livestock Farm 

What is livestock farming?

It is simply the maintenance and raising of livestock, farm or agricultural animals for meat and products (milk, leather, eggs, etc.). It can also get expressed as a financial activity that includes raising livestock for human consumption and acquiring meat, milk, wool, fur, and honey, among other things. It is one of the oldest types of human economic activity started by primitive people. It ensures the supply of food, furs, hides, bones, milk and additional animal products without driving to the forest for hunting. Livestock agriculture incorporates cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, poultry, rabbits, snails, fish and bees.

What is the importance of livestock in farmers economies?

This industry plays a crucial role in the financial status of the farmer. Indian farmers realize resource efficiencies by maintaining a mixed crop and livestock farming system, where one business comes together and contributes to another. Farmers get served by cattlemen in a variety of ways. 

  • It increases income

Livestock farming can be an additional source of income for many families in India, especially the poor, who have multiple animals. The sale of milk from cows and buffalo and milk-based products such as buttermilk, cheese and mawa will continue to produce a steady income for the herders. Animals like sheep and goats sometimes deliver more benefits at a lower cost. For example, milk is prohibitively expensive when needed to treat sick people. Goats are being raised because they are additionally called poor cows. It serves as a source of income in emergencies such as home repairs. Animals also serve as moving banks and property, delivering financial protection to their owners.

  • It raises the employment rate

Innumerable people in India have low literacy and lack of skills and are dependent on agriculture or livelihood. However, due to seasonality, up to 180 working days per year get available. Low land and landless individuals depend on livestock for their labour in agriculture. In addition, livestock products such as animal milk, meat and eggs are a very vital source of animal protein for livestock taxable households.

  • It gives you social security

Animals present social insurance to their owners based on their standing in society. Households, especially those without land, raise livestock better than those that do not. In other parts of the country, it is a very prevalent custom to give animals at weddings. Animal breeding can be a part of Indian culture. 

  • You can do farming

Bulls form the basis of Indian agriculture. Farmers depend specifically on cattle to plow, pull wagons, and transport marginal and non-essential inputs and products.

  • A few animals’ dungs also get used

In rural locations, the dung gets used for several purposes, including energy (dung cake), fertilizer (field compost and gypsum), and material (cement for the poor). 

When you are aware of the best farm animals to raise to make a profit, you can avail yourself of a lot of benefits of livestock farming. 

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