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What Is La Quiniela Lottery Game, And How Does It Work?

Lottery games have been around for way too many years. Across the globe, there are hundreds and thousands of lottery games that one can play and bet on. One of the popular lottery games that originated in Spain is La Quiniela. The entire lottery game is based on how well a person can predict the outcome of football games. 

Across the country, hundreds of people participate in this lottery game to predict the football games. 

Background of La Quiniela

The very first time the lottery was introduced was in the year 1946. During these times, the organizers asked the participants to predict the results of the seven upcoming football marches. These matches can be any type of match, including national team games.

In this lottery, the participants will have to predict who will win. And also the goals scored in each of the games. The bettors were given a piece of paper. It had all the grids where they needed to fill the predictions using three symbols; 1, 2, and X. A few years after starting the betting game, the symbol system was established. 

The bettor is used to fill the form along with the name and date, and then the validator validates the betting form. After stamping, the lottery form gets officiated as a betting ticket. 

The organizing institution of the La Quiniela was Loteria Y Apuestas Del Estado. And it is currently called to be The National Mutual Sports Betting Trust. 

The current system of lottery

For years, not much has changed in this lottery game. The system is still the same. And only recently computer and mobile versions have been released.

However, one of the changes that took place is that the betting was on seven football games in the beginning. Now the betting is done for 15 games. There are two groups of games, each consisting of 7 games. And one particular match is called PLENO al 15. 

The first and second groups of matches get divided as per the schedule and importance of the football match. The national team matches are always paired with other two to three crucial games from any two teams. 

Prize distribution

The prize distribution of the lottery gets announced before the lottery results come out. It gives an idea to the players about what to expect from each category’s winnings. From the entire collection from the lottery, 55.5 percent of the amount is for the lottery prize. 

The winnings of the lottery get divided into five categories and one particular category. The categories are based on the number of matches one gets correct. 

The 1st category is when the 14 matches are correct, and the prize distribution is 16 percent. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th categories are on 11, 12, and 13 matches with a distribution percentage of 7.5 percent. The 5th category is based on ten matches and has a prize distribution percentage of 9 percent. The particular category is an additional category that’s won when all 14 matches and PLENO al 15 are guessed right. The added percentage on the winning amount is 7.5 percent. 

La quiniela at quinielas.ar is a popular lottery game that has always attracted bettors. However, with time accessibility has increased multifold due to online access and applications. 

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