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What Are The Various Method To Do The Organisation Of Desks?

When it comes to our work spaces, we might think that there’s nothing more than a matter of personal taste. But when you’re looking for the best way to organize your desk, you’ll discover that each person has his or her own preferences — and those preferences can change over time. 

Some people like things neat; others prefer an untidy space. Some people are visual learners who enjoy having their workspace arranged in a certain way. And some people don’t care if they have a messy desk at all. These three ways to organize your desks will help you decide what works best for you. 

  1. The Vertical Method 

You’re probably already familiar with this method, but just in case you aren’t, the vertical method of organizing your desk is similar to the horizontal method (see above). In this method, everything is placed vertically on top of one another. You then place objects such as pencils, pens, paper clips, etc., on the bottom row. Finally, you add your keyboard on top of the objects. This allows you to see everything at once without having to move around your desk. 

This method also saves space because you won’t need to store extra items in your drawer. When you’re done using them, simply throw them back into the bottom row. This means that your drawers will be free for new supplies. 

  1. The Wall-Mounted Method 

Although the wall-mounted method of organization looks very much like the vertical method, the difference lies in how the items are hung. Instead of placing your desktop items directly on the surface, you hang them from the wall. This keeps them out of sight so you can easily find them when you want them. 

The only drawback to this method is that you will need to make sure that you have enough hanging space. If you don’t, your computer monitor could end up obstructing your view of other objects. To avoid this problem, you may opt to use two shelves instead of one. 

Another option would be to purchase a desk organizer. These organizers often include compartments designed specifically for your computer, printer, phone, and other office necessities. They usually come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that matches your needs. 

  1. The Tiled Method 

If you have limited storage space, you might consider going with the tiled method of organization. With this method, you put your desk items onto tiles and arrange them according to where you want to keep them. For example, you could place your files next to your printer or your calendar next to your computer. This will allow you to quickly locate whatever item you need. 

To start, you’ll need to buy enough tiles to cover your entire desk. Then, take a piece of masking tape and lay it down across each tile. Next, take your pencils, pens, papers, etc., and stick them on top of the tape. Once you’ve completed this step, you can now start arranging the tiles to create different sections on your desk. 

One advantage to this method is that you can customize it to meet your specific needs. You can always add more tiles to accommodate any changes you make later. Another thing to note is that the tiles can be cleaned easily since they are made of plastic. Just wipe them off with a damp cloth. 

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Organizing Your Desk Is Important 

Regardless which method you choose to use, remember that you want to keep your workspace clean. When you leave clutter on your desk, you can’t focus on your work. It’s important to keep your desk organized and clear of debris. 

In addition to being distracting, clutter on your desk can also lead to injuries. A study conducted by researchers from the University of California, Berkeley found that working while distracted leads to greater rates of errors and accidents. So even though your workspace might look cluttered, it could actually be dangerous! 

Now that you know what works for you, try these tips to stay organized: 

Make your desk area easy to access. If you need something, you should be able to reach it without moving anything else. 

Keep your desk area clean and uncluttered. Avoid leaving your papers lying around or stacked on top of one another. 

Use a file system. If you have too many documents to manage, consider filing them. You can do this manually or with an automated filing system. There are several options available, including filing boxes, folders, cabinets, and binders. 

Choose a comfortable chair. This might seem obvious, but sitting at a desk all day can cause muscle pain. Choose a chair that supports your back. Make sure that it provides good lumbar support. You’re also encouraged to get up frequently throughout the day to stretch your legs and relieve tension in your lower back. 

Don’t forget to breathe. Taking deep breaths can help you feel calmer and more focused. 

Exercise regularly. Exercise helps increase your energy and improves concentration. 

As you can see, there are many ways to organize your desk. No matter which method you choose, it’s important to follow through with regular upkeep. This way, you’ll be happy with the results and will save yourself time and money.

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