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What Are Mixed Development Projects And Why Are They Growing In Popularity?

As land scarcity is on the rise, many developers are looking to build a development project that is effective in terms of space and ease of life. This is how mixed-development projects have come to the scene. Today many developers are investing in mixed-development ideas. Let’s understand what a mixed development project like Lentor Modern is and why one should take residence there.

About mixed development projects

As the name suggests, mixed development is a type of development that focuses on both residential and commercial spaces. In these projects, one can find residential, retail, and institutional units. This means, other than condos and flats, the mixed development tends to have shops and other businesses. 

The mixed developments tend to vary in size. One can find one single building with all types of units on different floors. Or, one can find a cluster of buildings dedicated to other teams. Usually, these developments tend to have restaurants, fitness and wellness units, salons, pubs, cinemas, stores of all kinds, etc., within the same premise. 

Why choose mixed development residences?

Now that one is well aware of the mixed development projects and what they offer, let’s list some benefits of choosing a condo in this type of development.

  1. Easy access to everything 

When one chooses to stay at mixed development projects, they benefit from having everything at an accessible distance. No more traveling in a metro, bus, or personal car to reach the local retail store or beauty salon. Everything is on the same premise as one home. It is easy to go to the stores without wasting time. Also, one can save precious time from their busy schedules.

  1. Save money

Fuel prices are at an all-time high in most places. Running errands is one of the reasons behind fuel consumption. This can increase the monthly expenses of any household. With mixed developments, everything is found within the same premise. This way, one can save a lot of money by the end of the month. 

  1. Get good resale value.

Mixed developments are giving benefits to the residents of these premises. That is the reason why the value of these properties is rising drastically. One can sell their condo after a few years. And get a good deal on their property. 

  1. Earn passive income

If one is not planning to stay in their owned property, they can rent it out on the market. As these developments are growing in popularity, the demand is also increased gradually. Many want to love these mixed developments due to all the benefits like easy access and cost-effectiveness. This will help the property owner earn some passive income over time.

  1. Community feel

When one stays in a mixed development, one can meet the neighbors either in the grocery store or while eating in a restaurant. This can be very helpful for those who lead busy lives and hardly get any time to socialize with the neighbors. 

Mixed developments are rising in number as the space diminishes and demand for easy accessibility is on the rise. While living in these residential projects, one can get all the amenities and facilities nearby at walking distance. 

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