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The Short History Of Pest Control That You Must Know

Pests have created problems for humans since ancient times. The presence of flies in predating humans has been confirmed through fossils. In this regard, the earliest pest control dates back to when humans killed an annoying fly or swatted at a mosquito. Moreover, after starting agriculture, humans truly understood the significance of pest control. This is the very reason humans started looking for ways and means to get rid of such nefarious pests and insects. 

Pest control in Sumerian and Greek Civilization

In ancient Sumerian civilization, humans used to make use of sulphur compounds for killing different insects. In the ancient Greek Civilization, humans used to make the best use of fire to chase locusts to the sea. Famous mathematician Pythagoras successfully drained marshes of a Silicon town for clearing malaria.

Pest control in other ancient civilization

In 1200 B.C. Chinese civilization successfully deployed different predatory ants against pests such as caterpillars and beetles. Chinese people of these times came up with a creative system of tying the adjacent branches with the ropes for helping ants move across citrus trees and then finish off pests. Chinese of this period also discovered the relationship between different biological events and climate change, which prompted them to plant more crops in specific seasons to get rid of pests. 

In Medieval Europe, humans contributed to the rise of different pests and insects as they considered these things the punishment from God. All these happened due to superstition. Later, during when renaissance, people became aware and educated and treated these pests as a part of the natural world rather than God’s agent.

As people gradually understood the importance of pest control, they continued the process of pest control in Asia. There were different kinds of natural products that used in the pest control process. In this regard, plant extracts like wormwood and lemon oil were quite beneficial. On the other hand, chemicals like sulphur and arsenic are also used for repelling insects in the best way possible. 

Later, when Renaissance and scientific development started, people started making scientific observations and eventually developed effective pest control products and measures. This is what contributed to the rise of modern means and ways of pest control. Later scientific eventually developed various useful and effective pest control products such as certain herbs, nicotine, and other things, which became extremely effective in getting rid of pests.

In earlier times, it took a lot of time and effort to apply useful ways and methods of pest control. As scientific development continued, it contributed to effective pesticides and insecticides that made the job a lot easier. 

It was the 1800’s where the first synthetic insecticides were produced and used. In this regard, the use of herbicides and DDT were most popular. In the present day, there are innumerable pesticides and insecticides that you could use to get rid of pests and insecticides. It is your job to find the most suitable pest control method to eliminate all the pests, insects, and rodents at home. 

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