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The Chariot Tarot Card – Learn about the tarot cards for beneficial results 

You look down before you and being looked at is a prince that looks so powerful as he is sitting inside a swift chariot that is normally being pulled by two horses or sphinxes. So what does this type of tarot card mean, you ask? Read this article and find out what this means.

To start with, this tarot card is called The Chariot. The figure that is on the card could either have a helmet on or have a crown on. In some representations, the figure on the card has wings. He or she may also be holding a wand or a sword or some other type of symbol that is masculine. In the Thoth deck, you will see the figure on the car controlling four different animals that are representing the four elements.

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Many individuals will tell you the mood of The Chariot card can be characterized as that of the conquest. The Chariot cards is representing the battle that can be worn if the individual has enough willpower for it. Are you wondering what type of battle we are talking about? You see the battle is usually an external one that has a plan of action with a clear goal.

The qualities you will need when it comes to winning the battle are self-reliance, conviction, righteousness and hard work. The steeds you see on The Chariot card are representing powerful forces, both external and internal. These powerful forces are able to be controlled if you want to achieve the goal.

If The Chariot is inverted, the meaning is going to stay the same, but you should know that the individual or Querant is going to be in danger of losing the battle all because they have a lack of control. There are other individuals that say it is all about the journey; getting into your car or truck and driving off. The star sign and Cancer are both associated with The Chariot card.

If you look at it structurally, The Chariot is known to follow The Lovers card. After the impulse pulls us out of that Garden, we are able to get in our chariot and go away. When it comes to the danger of The Chariot card it is illustrated by the myth known as Phaeton. This story tells us about the danger you are in if you are unprepared and reach too high.

Yes, no doubt, The Chariot is a fascinating card to many individuals, it always has been fascinating and it always will be. The Chariot cal be like a crab, frustrating and it is armored but a charioteer is known to fight alone. The Chariot moves from water to land then back to water. How does it succeed in its battles? It succeeds by attacking from the side and not straight on, think about it.

The Chariot is a very complex card when it comes to defining it. It implies war, struggle and eventual a hard-won victory, either over obstacles, enemies, beasts inside you or nature or maybe it is simply just to get what you want.

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