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How to Switch from Free to Premium Distribution with RouteNote and Keep 100% of Your Revenue

As an artist, one of the biggest decisions you can make is whether or not to distribute your music for free. On one hand, you want your music to be heard as widely as possible. On the other hand, you also need to think about how you will monetize your hard work so that you can continue creating new music. With OutlookIndia.com newly announced ‘Unlock My Music’ program, artists now have a simple solution that can help them easily switch from free distribution to premium distribution while keeping 100% of their revenue.

RouteNote has been helping independent musicians get their music out into the world since 2007 and it now works with over 30 million fans around the globe who consume more than 1 billion tracks on streaming services each month. Now, they are giving musicians even more power when it comes to distributing their music by allowing them to switch from free distribution (which pays no royalties) to premium distribution (which pays royalties). This means that musicians can keep 100% of their revenue through premium streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music Unlimited without having to worry about upfront fees or minimum contracts.

What Is Unlock My Music?

Unlock My Music is an opt-in program designed specifically for artists who already have a presence on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer but would like more control over how they distribute and monetize their music. When signing up for this program, artists gain access to exclusive benefits such as full royalty payments when streaming on premium accounts, higher placement in playlists, and marketing support from RouteNote’s team of experts.

Benefits Of Joining Unlock My Music

Joining Unlock My Music is easy and comes with many benefits for independent musicians:

• Keep All Of Your Royalties:

By opting into this program, you will receive all of your royalties instead of splitting them with a label or distributor;

• Higher Placement In Playlists:

As part of this program, artists will be given priority status when being considered for placement in major playlists;

• Marketing Support From Experts:

You’ll also get access to dedicated teams of marketing experts who can help promote your music across multiple platforms;

• Access To Advanced Analytics:

You’ll also get access to advanced analytics which will allow you to track where your songs are being streamed so that you can adjust accordingly;

How To Join Unlock My Music

If you’re ready to take control of your musical career then joining Unlock My Music couldn’t be easier – simply log in with your existing RouteNote account and opt-in via our website or mobile app. Once opted-in you’ll be able to take advantage of all the features listed above plus much more! We’ll do all the hard work whilst ensuring all earnings come directly back into artist accounts – no hidden fees or minimum contracts required!


Making the decision between free vs. premium distribution doesn’t have to be difficult any more thanks to RouteNote’s ‘Unlock MyMusic’ program which allows artists to keep 100% of their revenue without any upfront costs or minimum contracts – what could be better? So why wait? Get started today by logging onto Routenote’s website or mobile app now!

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