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Here Are Few Ways Promote Your Travel Service With Trade Show Exhibits?

Promotions, marketing, and advertising any business are the key factors to increase the sales and the overall growth of the business. When marketing your travel service, you can think of many marketing methods and ways to promote your business. Digital marketing is the most successful form of marketing in today’s digital times; however, traditional marketing is also as effective as new-age marketing to promote your business. Trade shows and exhibitions are a great way to market your travel service. Many travel agencies and services have started using trade shows and exhibits to promote their travel business to increase their customers and popularity. 

A trade show or exhibition is an event that allows the business to market its services and goods to the target audience through demonstrations and one-on-one marketing. Trade shows, exhibitions, and other such public displays of business can be useful and effective marketing tools as they increase the brand’s awareness. If you have a travel service such as digiviss travel, you can use trade shows and exhibitions in many innovative and creative ways. Some of the ideas are listed below- 

Booths at trade shows and fairs 

When you set up a trade show for your travel business, you should find a perfect booth for your trade show. Broadcasting the travel service business to the potential clientele and the target audience is the most popular way to increase leads. 


People live to be informed about the latest developments and new services. While arranging a trade show for your travel service, you should try giveaways wherein you can give out items that include information about your travel service to the people. This type of information in the giveaway items shall create wide and visual exposure for the travel business. You can pick out any low-cost giveaways and offer them to the target audience clientele for free. 

Advertise locally 

Another factor another mostly ignored by most businesses is that they do not advertise their business locally. If you are a travel service provider, you should promote your business locally through trade shows and fairs. You can use an array of advertising tools such and bulletin ads, newspapers, pizza boxes, and much more to advise the business. Make sure to put up your business name, business logo, contact information, and other important details publicly so that others can see. This will increase the public relations image. 

As a travel service, you must have enough money to cover the attendance, display the services, and other associated costs. Make sure you visit trade shows in your industry before hosting a trade show to gain an insight into how a trade show is hosted. 

During the trade show 

While you host a trade show, you should attract visitors by standing through the visual displays and promoting the service. Engage with the visitors, hold eye contact, and be polite. Ensure that the staff is not being too pushy and overbearing with the trade show visitors. Ask for their valuable feedback and learn from your shortcomings. It is also advised to research your audiences before hosting a trade show for your travel business. 

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