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Complete Guide on Digitizing For Machine Embroidery

These days art is the favorite pastime for people. However, machine digitizing is a form of art only. Embroidery digitizing is using embroidery software to create the machine embroidery design files. This procedure is performed by providing a series of commands to the machine on how to create the design with the help of the stitching?

There is unique embroidery digitizing software free available for the people to perform the task. With the help of this software, a skilled embroidery digitizer does the transformation of an image or the text available to the stitches. This will lead to creating a file that the embroidery machine can easily read.

What is Digitizing for Machine Embroidery?

Though the definition is quite simple, the artwork is not that simple. The person who can do the writing in the world cannot be called the author. Similarly, a person who can open the digitizing software cannot become the official digitizer. This procedure is not just an activity that involves clicking a button.

Are you willing to start with machine embroidery digitizing, then you would indeed require an artistic ability that will help you analyze the big picture and gather the smallest available detail. If the person performing the activity has a specialization in the form, he will properly analyze the image. They will get the answer to some questions related to the image:

  1. First, he will mentally dissect the image, breaking the image into various sections.
  2. Then the analysis related to the relationship between each section should be done.
  3. After that, he will analyze the blending of the colors and how they merge.
  4. Then the digitizer will use the software to separate the section for the redrawing and resizing of the image.

In some of the cases, the digitizing of the image to the thread is not possible and also not feasible. As the thread is three-dimensional, it is not the oil paint or the digital pixels. The person performing such activity must have the required skills to perform the activity perfectly.

Types of equipment involved in digitizing

While performing the digital machinery embroidery, some of the essential equipment that is included in the procedure is:

  • Monitor of the computer acts as the canvas for the person
  • The keyboard and mouse work as brushes and pallets for performing the activity.

Steps to be followed

Once the person has decided to start with the digital embroidery, the person should have complete detail regarding the various steps that will help the person in getting the procedure fulfilled:

  • First of all, the person will have to upload the logo that he wants to digitize to the digitizing software. Here the person needs to select the embroidery digitizing software free. Once the uploading procedure is completed, he will have to set the embroidery design size to avoid confusion in the future.
  • Even though various types of stitching are available, the person can select the best suitable option.
  • The direction of the stitch also matters in giving an exact look to the image.
  • The color selection must be such that the overall look of the image becomes attractive.
  • Last and the final step are to transfer the file to the embroidery machine.

Which person can digitize?

There is no limitation with the things that a person can digitize. Every image has the power to be digitized with the help of machines.

As the task is entirely performed on the machine, it depends on the person who is performing it. The person should also have an idea regarding the fabric of the material used; he should have a complete idea regarding the needles, threads, and stabilizers used in the procedure.

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