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A Guide to Taking Bong Hits: Tips for Smoking Out of a Bong

Bongs, also known as water pipes, are an increasingly popular way to smoke cannabis. If you’re new to bongs, they can initially seem intimidating, but with just a few simple pointers, anyone can learn how to take amazing bong hits in no time. Here’s our guide on How to Hit a Bong Hit – Tips for Smoking Out of a Bong.

Preparing the bong for use

The first step is to clean and prepare your bong for use. Make sure you have all the necessary accessories, such as screens and pads, that go between the bowl piece and the downstream. Fill your bong with cold water so that it completely covers the end of the downstream; too little or too much water will prevent proper filtration and cause harsh hits. Once everything is in place and tightly secured, you are ready to fill your bowl!

Packing your bowl

For most people using dry herb (flower), this is where you will place your ground marijuana into the bowl piece. You want to put enough marijuana in there to create an even layer without packing it too tightly. This will allow air to flow through when you take a hit without loose herbs falling into the chamber below. It’s worth noting here that some people prefer to use concentrates or dabs instead of flowers – these require different equipment and techniques than we’re discussing here today, but we may be covering them in more detail in another article soon!

Lighting your weed

Now comes one of the trickiest parts – lighting your weed! Using either a lighter or a hemp wick (which doesn’t leave a chemical residue as lighters do), the light just one corner of the bowl piece while simultaneously inhaling through the mouthpiece at the top of your bong. The heat should be gentle enough not to burn up all the weed before you have a chance to take your hit – aim for a light burn instead! Inhale slowly until you start to feel the resistance from the suction created by the smoke being pulled through the water; this should create beautiful milky white clouds rising up the tube before reaching the mouthpiece, where it finally exits after completing its journey through the bong!

Inhale properly & exhale properly.

Once you have had a successful hit, let out any remaining airflow from your inhalation before exhaling the smoke from your lungs into the atmosphere. Take care not to hold your breath longer than necessary, or you risk dizziness due to ‘rebreathing,’ which means breathing in the same air again instead of fresh oxygen. Allow yourself time to enjoy the flavors and aromas released during the smoking process, ensuring each draw lasts long enough to reap the full benefits of the THC/CBD content contained within the cannabis used! When exhaling, remembers to stay relaxed and avoid coughing fits caused by forcing expelled gases out in rapid fashion immediately upon exiting the respiratory system – breathe deeply instead and release the pressure gradually, allowing the body to adjust accordingly as lung capacity increases over the course of several successive inhalations!

Spreading the smoke & emptying the chamber

At the end of the joint, distribute the remaining smoke evenly throughout the chamber to ensure that nothing is wasted, then empty the contents, flush the pipe, and run a cold tap to ensure that there is no tar build-up inside the walls and internal pipes. Regular cleaning is an essential step to maintain hygiene standards, health and safety, as well as performance and longevity of the unit itself – always check bowl screen filters after each session and replace them if signs of wear and tear become visible in order to keep the flavor pure satisfying every time!


Overall taking a bong hit should be an enjoyable, rewarding experience provided the right precautions are taken; preparation is done beforehand – follow the steps outlined above, and practice often soon enough to master the art of hitting perfect puffs and clouds of vapor with minimal effort required maximum satisfaction gained!

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