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How Weed Marketing Is Changing the Game

The legal cannabis industry has been booming in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. The market is huge, but the challenge that many people face when starting their own dispensary is finding ways to spread awareness about it. The best way to do this is by promoting your store through social media.

In order to get started with advertising on social media channels like Instagram or Facebook, you have to be a member of the platform. You can sign up for an account free of charge, but if you want to make sure your ads look good, you need to spend some money. Fortunately, there are numerous options for companies looking to advertise on these platforms. If you want to learn more about selling or buying cannabis through various social medias then click here.

Here is how you can promote selling weed from your dispensary through social media channels.


If you’re not familiar with Instagram, it’s the world’s largest photo-sharing app, with over 1 billion users as of 2019. It’s also one of the most popular websites among young adults.

If you want to increase sales at your store, you will need to follow specific steps to make sure your ad stands out and gets noticed. These include using hashtags, posting frequently, and keeping a steady presence on the platform. All of this will help boost your visibility so more people will see your business and learn about what you offer.

You should always use appropriate hashtags when you post on Instagram, because this will allow people to find you more easily. For example, #weediswonderful would be a great hashtag to use if you sell marijuana. People who search this hashtag on Instagram will have access to all posts related to cannabis, which means they’ll be able to discover your shop. Another great hash tag to use is #marijuana, which allows people interested in buying weed to find you instead of going through a bunch of different pages.

Another tip for boosting your Instagram page is to post consistently. If you don’t post often enough, people may forget about your business. This could cause them to stop visiting your shop and potentially not come back.

Once you start getting a following on Instagram, you can begin sharing content that showcases your products and services. People love seeing pictures of beautiful flowers, marijuana plants, and other items that are associated with the cannabis plant. Posting regularly will ensure that your followers stay engaged with your content.


Facebook is another site where you can share photos and videos to attract potential customers. Like Instagram, you should always make sure that you add hashtags to your posts. Hashtags connect posts together to show people relevant information about what you’ve posted.

When posting on Facebook, you should focus on creating engaging content. This includes writing interesting captions and adding visuals like pictures of your product or service. You should also try making different types of content, such as videos or GIFs, to keep your audience entertained.

There are several different ways to reach people on Facebook. One way is to create a business page and ask your friends to like it. Then, you can interact with your fans and encourage them to visit your website. You can also use paid ads to increase traffic.


Twitter is yet another place where you can promote your dispensary on social media. However, unlike Instagram and Facebook, Twitter isn’t focused on photos and videos. Instead, it’s primarily used to talk about current events.

To stand out on Twitter, you need to think outside the box. While everyone else is talking about politics, celebrities, sports, and other topics, you need to focus on your business. When you do this, people will see that you are serious and dedicated to helping others.

To grow your following on Twitter, you should start by following other accounts within the cannabis community. Once you build a strong base of followers, you can then start building relationships with influencers. Doing this will help you gain credibility within the industry and improve your chances of reaching new customers.

It’s important to note that most Twitter profiles only exist online. As a result, you can’t directly contact people unless they respond to your tweets. To get customers, you need to create a web address for your store and link it to your profile.


A lot of businesses still rely heavily on traditional marketing methods, including print ads and word of mouth. However, thanks to social media, these methods aren’t effective anymore. In fact, they’re now considered obsolete.

That being said, you shouldn’t dismiss LinkedIn completely. While it’s primarily used to network with colleagues, it does have a few useful features that can help you promote your dispensary. These include the ability to create professional profiles, connect with professionals, and even join groups.

When someone visits your page, they’ll see a “Connected to” section. Using this feature, you can connect with people based on their education, expertise, or experience. You can also send messages to people who appear interesting to you or who have been connected to you before. By doing this, you can develop friendships and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

How to Promote Selling Weed With Google Ads

Google Ads is another option for driving traffic to your store. This is especially helpful if you’re planning to expand into new markets or open additional dispensaries. Using Google Ads helps you target specific demographics and keywords to better appeal to potential customers.

For instance, if you have a location near schools, you might want to target students. Similarly, you can target people living in certain neighborhoods or cities, depending on where you want to sell weed.


While YouTube doesn’t carry nearly as much weight as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, it’s still an excellent choice for promoting your dispensary. It’s the second most visited website globally, right after Google.com.

As long as you have a video camera and plenty of time to edit it, you can upload videos to YouTube and share it with your followers. This will allow them to hear about your offerings without having to read a long description. They can simply watch your videos and learn more about your store.

One thing to remember is that you shouldn’t spam your channel. People will soon realize that you’re trying too hard and unsubscribe from your channel altogether. Also, if you do get banned from YouTube, it won’t be an attractive marketing tool for your business.

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