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When you’re barbecuing or smoking meats, the brisket is often one of the most popular cuts. It’s also one of the trickiest because it doesn’t come out as tender as other cuts, but it requires some time in the smoker. Buy some best pellet smokers here.

A good brisket needs time to cook and smoke properly. You can make great-tasting brisket by following these simple tips. Here are eight helpful hints for making the best brisket ever.

1. Buy A Bigger Meat Grinder

The first step in preparing a whole brisket is to cut off all the fat and connective tissue that runs through the meat. After you remove those areas from your brisket, a bigger meat grinder will be able to get into the meat and grind it up more easily than a smaller grinder.

2. Use An Immersion Oven

You can use an immersion oven instead of a traditional barbecue pit if you want to make delicious smoked meat without the hassle of a smoker. This type of cooker is ideal for preparing large pieces of meat like whole beef briskets or pork shoulder roasts.

An immersion cooker has several advantages over a regular smoker. For example, it cooks food faster and better retains moisture, so the end result will be juicy and full flavored. If you don’t have a grill with an open fire pit or a dedicated smoker, this cooking method might be perfect for you.

3. Keep Your Fire Low And Consistent

To get the most out of your meat, keep your fire low and consistent throughout the entire cook. Don’t start high heat and then let it burn down while you wait for the meat to finish cooking. The heat should be kept at medium or low for the entire duration of the cook.

If you follow these steps, you can guarantee that you’ll get a delicious piece of meat every time you prepare it.

4. Season Your Meat Before Smoking

Before you put your brisket in the smoker, season it with salt and pepper. The flavor will penetrate deep into the meat after it finishes smoking.

5. Be Careful With Those Temperature Readings

Keep track of the internal temperature of your brisket throughout the cook. Once it hits 140º F (60º C), it’s done. Be careful not to overcook your brisket or it will dry out.

6. Let Your Meat Rest

After you take the brisket out of the smoker, allow it to rest for about 15 minutes before slicing it up. During this period, the juices will settle back into the meat, which makes it taste even better.

It may seem obvious, but this tip is important. If you don’t allow your brisket to sit long enough, you’ll lose a lot of the flavor when you slice it and serve it.

Another reason to let your brisket rest is so that the smokey flavors can permeate the meat. If you try to eat the brisket right after you pull it out of the smoker, you’ll miss out on all of the extra flavor that you created through proper smoking.

7. Use a Digital Thermometer

One of the most important tools when it comes to smoking is a digital thermometer. Without the help of a thermometer, you’d never know whether your meat was ready to go. By using a digital thermometer, you’ll always know how well your brisket is doing inside.

Digital thermometers work by measuring the internal temperature of your meat. They also give you a real-time reading so you can see how fast your brisket is cooking. Some models have alarms that tell you when the meat reaches a certain internal temperature, which is essential when you’re planning ahead.

8. Keep It Clean

As you cook your brisket, you’ll notice that there’s a layer of grayish gunk on top. This is caused by the smoke particles that cling to the surface of your brisket once they hit the hot coals. To prevent this, clean your brisket as soon as you remove it from the smoker to ensure that the meat stays nice and juicy.

Use tongs to pick up a small amount of the meat and wipe it across a paper towel. As you scrape away the gray gunk, it will make way for new smokey flavors to seep into the meat.

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